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Casting Good Quality of the Era and Creating New Future of Advertisement


Commentary for Propaganda Film of Yuanyuan Shanfu Group




Classic is derived from originality which rises to brand-new transformation in the challenges;

Concentration deduces feelings, taking on fine workmanship quality in minor details.

Push out the subtitle: Yuanyuan Shanfu Group—Casting Good Quality of the Era and Creating New Future of Advertisement


Blazes of flowing lights and colors, beams of gorgeous shadows, reflected by the resplendent night scene in the city, the competitively fluttering advertisements catch your eyes. In the era of information explosion, how to do a good job in brand positioning and advertising communication has become a compulsory course for every industry to seek breakthrough.


Yuanyuan Shanfu burdens the industry development mission and expands the market with brands. Yuanyuan Shanfu was founded in Ningbo in 1998, in response to company development, it moved to Shanghai in 2003 and to Jiangsu in 2014 through strategic shift, and it has gradually developed into a comprehensive group company covering advertising and the relevant industries from a company producing and selling inkjet printing materials. Now, the group has 42 advanced production lines and more than 80 slitting machines, has successively launched “Yuanyuan”, “Shanfu”, “Qimei”, “BK” and other well-known brands; its products have complete supporting facilities; each year, it produces and sells 500 million square meters of all kinds of cold laminating films and hydrous and oily inkjet printing materials, including direct injection PP, gum PP, PET backlit film, digital photographic paper, PVC film, PVC indoor and outdoor self-adhesive vinyl, single view perspective, compound display products, canvas and other printing supplies, its market share is up to 60% and it has become the leader in the industry of advertising material production.


Today’s Yuanyuan Shanfu draws diversified nutrients in the tide of era, constantly enriches product category and constantly enhances the connotation of industry service, takes customer’s sense of belonging, sense of identity and sense of pride as the power source to achieve business goals and leads industry transformation and development with incontrovertible market influence! 


More advanced product line! Yuanyuan Shanfu joins forces with the local government and concentrates its efforts on building a digital new material industrial park which has investment of more than one billion yuan and a planning area of 300mu; it has industry-leading production line and complete production equipment, perfectly combines technological process and automatic production and has grown into a domestic advertising material industry base with the strongest production capacity. At present, company products are mainly divided into two categories: gum and non-gum; through independent innovation and R&D of coating formula, adopting industry mainstream scrape coating technology, it realizes the production process integrating coating, PE film spraying, silicon spraying and gluing; the precise control of each link achieves the excellence and perfect presentation of products, further implements the business strategy of industrial chain extension and adds new power for the development of the enterprise. 


More complete material supply chain! Now, the group has two raw material production places: Yixing Detai Textile Size Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Huanyu Packing Material Co., Ltd.


Yixing Detai Textile Size Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer mainly specialized in production of blanket mucilages, label adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, coatings and printing and dyeing auxiliaries; with advanced production technology, perfect testing equipment and strong technical force, it has developed more than twenty kinds of oily pressure-sensitive adhesives, hydrous pressure-sensitive adhesives, all kinds of emulsions, printing and dyeing auxiliary series products, with annual output of fifty thousand tons. It provides customers with first-class products and after-sales service and brings customers more perfect cooperation experience.


Wuxi Huanyu Packing Material Co., Ltd. is the first large state-owned enterprise specialized in production and operation of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film in Jiangsu Province. It has the world’s advanced production lines including German Bruckner’s biaxially oriented production line and Kampf slitting machine, featured by large scale, high efficiency and flexible production; its annual output is up to 25000t.Its products are widely used in packing fields such as bottle labels, hangtags, advertising printing consumables, special adhesive tapes of electronic circuits and so on, with high market coverage and excellent reputation.


More outstanding product R&D ability! The group now has a 1300-square-meter R&D center and new material inspection and experiment center with complete self-built facilities; it has hired a scientific research team from a foreign well-known university and focuses on the construction of full-time organizations like Product R&D Department. By cooperating with domestic Harbin Institute of Technology, it has built a joint basic laboratory and has a R&D team composed of professionals such as doctoral supervisors, doctoral students and senior engineers. By getting together domestic and foreign high-edge scientific research strength, it exerts the enterprise’s innovation and execution to the limit.


More rigorous quality management system. The group has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, established a perfect quality management system, realized the total quality control of each process and effectively guaranteed high product quality and stability.


More efficient logistics transportation system! With efficient and rigorous warehousing and logistics solutions, the factory has realized seamless docking of scientific storage of products and handling for shipment. In cooperation with mature and high-quality logistics service, it ensures the goods can arrive at the designated destination safely and on time.


A broader product distribution network! Yuanyuan Shanfu has constantly exploited its boundary in the industry and has established and perfected nearly 100 offices in domestic 34 provincial administrative regions; its international trade domain covers Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Oceania and other major regions, and it’s committed to opening up emerging markets such as Africa. Each year, the company takes an active part in all kinds of exhibitions at home and abroad, providing customers with quality products and services, and has gained the unanimous recognition from the vast customers.


Through a broad overview of the trend of the industry, advertising consumables have demonstrated their unique influence in world-class exhibitions, celebrations and sports feasts and appeared in each place of each city in one form or another to grip the trend of information explosion age. Yuanyuan Shanfu always insists on fine and customized production mode to represent the industry and constantly realize the innovation and tempering of its own brand. 


 In the future, Yuanyuan Shanfu will, based on its accumulated strength, rise abruptly and spare no effort to cast a new chapter of era in advertising materials production industry by inheriting innovative spirit and undertaking its mission!



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